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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a copywriter and why do I need one?

A copywriter is someone who writes words to sell a product or service. Text you see on websites, emails, pamphlets, blogs and social media posts have probably been written by a copywriter. People hire copywriters to articulate what they do best. Often, business owners struggle to describe what they do, or simply lack the time to do it efficiently and find it easier to outsource the work to a professional.

Copywriters do so much more than just write. They are experts in researching, editing, proofreading, analysing, and creating copy that is original, articulate and creative in order to make your business look fantastic.

How long does a copywriting project take? What if I need copy urgently?

The length of time depends on your project. A10-page website will take longer than a 500-word blog. If you can tell me a bit about your project, I can tell you how long it's likely to take.

I do take on 'urgent' projects, but there may be a 'rush fee' depending on how soon the copy is needed.

Do you design websites and make logos?

No. But copywriters and graphic / web designers often work together on projects. I can recommend an excellent graphic designer suitable for your project. I don't get a 'kickback' for this, but I only recommend the highest quality designers because low-quality designs and visuals make my writing look unprofessional; and I also care about your project looking its best.

How do you write about industries that are unfamiliar to you?

Through extensive research and lots of collaboration with clients. After a quote is accepted, we will have an initial meeting and ongoing communication to ensure the project is going well. All drafts and revisions are included in your quote or monthly retainer.

What is your process?

1. You make an enquiry and tell me what you need.

2. I give you a quote.

3. If you accept the quote, a 50% deposit is required to activate the job.

4. We have an initial meeting to get a solid understanding of exactly what you need.

5. I write the copy and send it to you for revision.

6. Revisions are made as requested by you.

7. I send the copy to you or to your graphic designer. 

8. Your finished product is ready!

9. I do a final proofread.

10. The final payment is made.

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