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Meet the Townsville Financial Advisers Educating a Global Audience

Is there anything better than free information – from an expert? As the Money Over 50 financial advisers come up to the impressive milestone of 200 podcasts, one thing is certain: they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Even if you aren’t interested in finance, there are a lot of other lessons to be learnt here. Each week, Dallas and Michael release two podcasts, sharing their wisdom on topics they are passionate about. And not only has their audience grown; it now includes international listeners, too.

But isn’t it bad giving away free information?

Michael and Dallas don’t really see it as ‘giving away free information’ – they see it as educating people. And successful businesses know that educating your audience can only be positive – it shows knowledge, passion and expertise in your field.

“Part of our day-to-day job is educating clients when they come in to see us. So the podcast and blog are really just an extension of this,” says Dallas. “It may sound boring, but we love the technical side of it, too – keeping up with tax legislation, creating budgets, working out the best strategies for our clients.”

Of course, no podcast will ever replace their 50+ years of experience in the industry. Alongside Michael and Dallas in the Money Over 50 team are Ali (Paraplanner and Sound Expert) and Kylie (Director of Financial Doing), adding to the team’s broad expertise. But the podcasts are a great way to learn about complex financial strategies and legislation in an easy-to-understand (and often very funny) manner.

“We love helping clients reach their retirement goals and live the life they really want. Plus, we enjoy recording the podcasts and receiving listener questions. We will keep recording the podcasts even if we have just one listener!” says Michael.

So what can I learn about?

From superannuation to investing in property to buying shares, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of my personal favourites:

What makes Money Over 50 different?

The team at Money Over 50 really value their clients and their audience. Each podcast is packed with valuable information and strategies you can implement today. While the podcasts are aimed at people aged 50 and over, imagine what you could achieve by implementing some of their strategies now if you are younger.

A lot of time is invested into these podcasts – and from personal experience, the best businesses to work with are the ones who have passion, drive and expertise in their field. You wouldn’t record this many podcasts if you weren’t passionate! Money Over 50 is a great team and whether you are based in Townsville, Torquay or Tucson, you can listen to the podcast, send a listener question, or arrange a Zoom consultation.

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